Selected Shops and Services

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Carmelas jewellery shop – Old Town Topanas - the charming and slightlly eccentric Carmela has brought together a rich and  eclectic collection from Greece’s best jewellers.  She herself is a gifted potter and was finally coinvinced a few yeas ago to offer here own work, which is tempting indeed.  Carmella’s is a must for presents for self or loved ones.

Top Hanas carpet & fabric shop - Old Town – Topanas – At the beginning of Angelou is the home a well kept secret – home made, antique Cretan bed throws, wall covers and carpets.  These come in many shapes and sizes and the most striking are in rich reds and pinks with black or mulitcoloured embroideries.  There can be few more treasured sourvenirs ro take home from Crete.  Opening hours are variable - best to call 697 870 3592 Kostas

To Mikro Karavi Bookstore - Old Town - Splanzia - Just a few steps from Splanzia Square this is the place to find fine modern Greek literature, prose and verse, in translation (and in Greek, of course) - a valuable contribution to understanding the Greek spirit.  

Exantas Book & Map Shop - Old Town – Topanas – great for art books, old prints plus a small selection of classical music CDs

JustBrazil - Old Town - Potie and Karaoli&Dimitriou Streets - great outlets for fresh and colourful summer clothes - evening, day time and beachwares, along with accessories