There follows an exact transcription of reviews written by our guests in the visitors' book at la Maison Ottomane.  No review has been omitted and every review is reproduced exactly as it was written. 

A beautiful gem in the shade of an ancient palm tree – Chania’s best kept secret! Thank you for the incredible hospitality, superb breakfasts and countless other thoughtful little touches. WE loved every minute of our stay in your beautiful hotel and we will be back!!

Danelle & James, London, UK, 3-11 Sep, 2014 

Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have experienced such a lovely stay here at “La Maison Ottomane”. Your hospitality, kindness and knowledge of the area made our stay all the more enjoyable. Our room was beyond anything we could have wished for. The stile and the elegance made us feel like a King Na Queen. The food was delicious and the service was with very high standards. This stay was a true gem that only made our stay in Greece so much more memorable. Thank you so very much!

Trish & Mathieu from Montreal, Canada, 06.09.2014

Warm thanks for the warm welcome.

It was a nice experience living in a fantastic place in old city and also we highly appreciated the assistance of Andreas. This will contribute to have a good  memory of Crete – CIAO! 5.9.14 

Such a new venture – and it’s already perfect.

The room décor Is fabulous – exotic yet homey and comfortable. And the best shower ever!

But your service tops all. Warm, kind, helpful – from helping us with directions and restaurant recommendations to spoiling us with deserts in our room and snacks on the terrace. Not to mention a wonderful breakfast.

The location is the best – a quiet retreat but a 2 minute walk to the heart of Old Town. And even a Minoan excavation site to learn about Vintage Crete. Thank you for such warm and professional hospitality!

Erna & Bob, Boston, USA, 3rd sep, 2014 

Thank you for such a fantastic stay.

All began with warm welcome and continued every day of our visit. The breakfast treats and other goodies were a particularly nice touch. And the restaurant recommendations were spot – on! Oh, don’t let us forget the orange juice! The beauty of the rooms speak for themselves – it seems your thought of everything to provide the most comfortable stay possible. We will gladly recommend La Maison Ottomane to our colleagues and friends and hope to return soon.

29,August, 2014, Karim and Natalia, USA

Unique and marvelous laid-out

Not much more needs to be said then  “Thank you for having created such a unique and marvelous laid-out”. We felt in love with your place at ferst sight – a place that perfectly captures the very special atmosphere and spirit of Chania! No doubt that we will choose “La Maison Ottomane” again when returning to Crete. Thank you for the world’s best orange juice!!! 

Danelle & Franz, Munich, Germany 

Got spoiled

You made us feel at Home! Everything was more that we could have expected... we spent four beautiful nights in your hotel and were surrounded with warmth, professionalism and hospitality. Not only we relaxed in a beautifully designed Aisha Suite with gorgeous bathroom and the-best-ever bed! but we also:

… spoiled

………….got more spoiled

…………………………got even more spoiled

With delicious breakfast, fruits and desserts! And wine… and cappuccino… mmm…with your care, help and assistance .. no wishes were left open… Thank you so much for helping us so much with our tyre problem! We hope to see you again soon!!!

Kasia, Polonia & Italy, 14.08.14 

Pasha treatment

Thanks for the pasha treatment. Hope to be back one day, we would like to try all your rooms.
All the best, Matthias, BTW Great chocomousse!

True oasis of peace

A true oasis of peace and calm in the heart of the city, great! Thank you for your hospitality and warm welcome!
10 August, 2014

So lucky

We feel so lucky to have begun our honeymoon at the Maison Ottomane, a treasure in Chania. Perfect location, tranquil and yet so close to the action. Our room felt like home, so comfortable and beautifully designed. The terrace was so enjoyable, and we must say the shower was amazing!!! Thank you for welcoming us so warmly, we can’t wait to come back again. come find us in Florence !!
Love – Christine & Sebastiano, August 6-9, 2014

Like home..
Thanks for another wonderful stay at La Maison Ottomane. Your lovely place feels like home for us now in Chania – and we hope to be back next year. We’re excited to see your dream come true! Torfin & Gro, Norway, 6.08.14

One of the best hotels

Thank you very much for a wonderful two days in one of the best hotels (if that’s the right word) that we have ever stayed in. Very best of luck with the enterprise – a privilege to have seen it all at the very start. 

Julie Barrau & Timothy, August 5th 2014

How it feels to be treated like royalty!

Ah, so this is how it feels to be treated like royalty! What a divine time we had here!!! Thank you for your TLC and other-worldly accommodations. We have found our new home in Chania.
Kindest regards, Lois + Matthew Baldwin (USA), 2-3 August, 2014

Hospitality and excellent service

Thank you so much for your hospitality and excellent service! We have enjoyed our stay very much. This is a place one will always remember pleasantly. You made us feel very welcome, and the décor is unbelievably beautiful. And the breakfast was delicious.
We wish you all the best, Meri from Finland, 2.08.14

WOW, just WOW....

This place is amazing I feel that your hotel don't get what it deserves on the internet because we were mindblown when we arrived at our room. Beautiful! Thank you so much for everything. We will definitely come back sometime!

We wish you all the best, Tanina and Martin from Norway, 01.08.14

Heartfelt hospitality

We have travelled around the world and stayed in many lovely places. But never have we received such exquisite and heartfelt hospitality as here at La Maison Ottomane. Everything about your wonderful hotel is truly special and memorable – from our beautiful suite (which we would move into and stay in forever, if we could) to the most perfect breakfasts imaginable (nothing can live up to the Cretan Omelette prepared by Alexandra for us each day). We have appreciated every detail – the camel–shaped teaspoon, the evening gifts of delectable lukoum, and the afternoon cups of tea (only the English would request that…).  Not to mention your endless helpfulness with advice and research. We know that La Maison Ottomane will be a huge and deserved success – and hope we are lucky enough to be able to return!

Huge thanks and every good wish, Morag & David Ellis, 31 July, 2014

Piece of Heaven

Thank you for realizing your dream and sharing it with us! This small piece of Heaven has a sole problem: here the time flies!!!!
All the best, Zaf + Carona, 25.07.14

“Kingdom” of serenity

I feel so sad leaving this “kingdom” of serenity and relaxation, located in the heart of the beautiful old city of Hania. I really enjoyed wholeheartedly my accommodation for nine days in this luxurious small and picturesque hotel just a few metres away from the Venetian Port but still away from the noisy tourists. Every single night we really enjoyed the Cretan sky full of stars comfortably from our balcony. Andreas and Alexandra, always so polite and willing to cover all our accommodation needs making us feel as at home, are really worthy of our gratefulness.  Thank you again for everything and we wish to visit you again pretty soon.

Dimitris di Salonicco, 4.08.2014 

Wonderful experience

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience in Chania. What a fabulous, charming place to stay in such a historical city. Your hospitality was a welcoming treat. The breakfast was sensational and left us stuffed for hours. The room décor really makes it feel like you are in another world. The shower was a surprisingly good experience. We hope to be back some other time. Thanks
Samantha and David Stoler, USA, July 23, 2014

Discreet hospitality

Thank you so much for fantastic, discreet hospitality in a beautiful and quiet home in Chania’s old quarter. Throughout has been brilliant attention to detail – whether in the furnishing, breakfast, room cleaning, trip arrangement – which has made it much an enjoyable visit to Crete.
I wish you both every success as the business You have hit as a winning formula: A + A = (R + R)2 !
Keith Wotherspoon, 17 July, 2014 

What a wonderful life in La Maison Ottomane!

Your make us feel like a king and his Queen - I will ever remember as you treat us . Thank you so much! 

Mauricio & Arianna, Italy, 15.07.14

The rose petal bed

Our stay in your hotel was the best start we could have at the beginning of our common life. The little surprises we had every day (beginning with the rose petal bed, to a full guide for the trip that would follow) made us enjoy our stay here even more. We really had a great time. Keep up the good work, because Chania deserves a hotel like “La Maison Ottomane”. Thank you for everything.
Andreas & Efi, 2nd July, 2014

Lovely and generous service

Wandering the streets of Chania we were constantly delighted by the friendly cats and historical buildings and sites. Coming home at the end of each day to La Maison Ottomane was the perfect complement to this city! Your attention to detail, both in the building, the fittings, along with lovely and generous service made Chania the highlight of our travels. We will remember our stay for a long time. Thank you so much!
Galina & Greg, Melbourne, July 2014

A small germ with a huge big heart.

Were we to sum it all up in just one sentence; that would be it! But we couldn’t leave out Andreas’ passion for beauty, his obvious love of people and painstaking eye for detail – evident in every corner of this delightful residence that is “La Maison Ottomane”. And we couldn’t depart without saying thank you to Alexandra for catering to our every whim and anticipating needs we didn’t’ even know we had! Thank you also to your lovely maid who’s eagle eyes have kept our room a pleasure to return to every day. We shall miss you! And we shall be back soon. Meanwhile, we shall remember the big , big heart that lies behind the gates of La Maison Ottomane.
Thank you
Gøril Abelvik & Guy Spaull, UK, June 27, 2014

24 hours paradise

24 hours of Paradise. A big thank you for everything.

Rosalind Manley, UK
June, 2014

You made us feel like we are visiting a friend
Thank you for the wonderful experience we had in Chania, your service and hospitality are amazing. You made us feel like we are visiting a friend, not a hotel! We really know that we have now new friends. Keep up the good work and we will be in the major league. Wish you all the best and success.
Irina and Moshe Diamant, June 23, 2014

Hospitality was exceptional
We could only stay one night, sadly ... but still return sometimes in the future, for sure! Our suite was beautiful, the attention to detail in the furnishings and the artwork were great! Andreas & Alexandra, you were charming and attentive. Your hospitality was exceptional!
Thank you!
Jane & Maurice, Bentley, Harmshire, UK

The most peaceful, beautiful and amazing nights ever

The one night that we stayed here was one of the most peaceful, beautiful and amazing nights ever!! We enjoyed every minute here, the atmosphere, the quitness, your hospitality and your ever lasting welcoming warm smile. We would really like to come back and to stay longer! Thank you for the very nice healthy breakfast and ... for everything... Special thanks for Svetlana.. Glod bless you..

Nadi & Lulu , 15.06.14 

What more can any guest ask for!

As we said to you, Andreas, we would love to be able to arrive at your beautiful hotel all over again. You really love and care about the service you offer and the experience given to your guests - and how that shows.To stay as your guests has been a joy and an extremely undulgent experience. Opulent, indulgent and very memorable. What more can any guest ask for! Attentive, but never instrusive, helpful, with nothing ever too much trouble. You have captivated us and shown to us an experience of Cretan hospitality, in a peaceful but such close proximity to the historic charm of Chania, that you have made an inelible memory for us to recount for the rest of our lives.Thank you. 

Donna xx, 12-15th June, 2014

We wish we can stay longer

Thank you for giving us a wonderful an unforgettable opening to start our vacation in Greece. The lovely Suite and helpful information you provide to us have been our highlights in Chania. We wish we can stay longer here next time in the future. We will highly recommend to our friends and family to visit and stay here.

Wish you all the best, Queena and Jiun, 11th June, 2014

Better than our home!

Our stay at La Maison Ottomane has felt like a home away from home (except it's better than our home!) Every detail from the furniture to the tapestries and the tiny little spoons was exquisite! Breakfast, delicious and service beyond all expectations. We wish you all the success that you deserve!

Steven and Gabrielle (Brooklyn, NY, USA) June, 2014

Felt very spoiled!

Thank you for an unforgettable week in your wonderful suite here in Chania.
We have enjoyed our stay here with your fantastic hospitality. Every day, when we have been to the beach or on a ‘roadtrip’. We have not had the feeling or going back to our hotel, but it has been like coming home where we have been able to relax – and have felt very spoiled!

Thank you, Sander & Katarina, Helsinger, Denmark, June 2014


Words cannot explain how special Crete was for us. We fell in love with your island and the people here.

Sincerely, the Alonsos!

Truly exceptional place

This is a truly exceptional place we do much loved and stay. The rooms are just gorgeous! We would like to have rooms like this at all places!!

Σας ευχαριστούμε πολύ για την άψογη εξυπηρέτηση, για ακόμη μια φορά αποδείξατε ότι η ελληνική φιλοξενία  είναι ασύγκριτη. Σας ευχόμαστε καλή συνέχεια κι καλές δουλειές!!!

Έλι κι Φίλιππος , May, 2014

Excellent hospitality
Thank you for your excellent hospitality in making our stay so relaxing. It has exceeded all our expectations.
A lovely hotel, excellently situated in the buzz of the old town within a short walk.
We will be back.
Nick Hawkins and Claudia Sebire
London, May 2014

Absolutely fantastic! 
The most stylish room, hospitality beyond compare and the most delicious food. Nothing was too much trouble for Andreas and Alexandra. We so much look forward to being back on june 3rd. 
Thank you !

28th of May, 2014

Από τα καλύτερα ξενοδοχεία που έχω επισκεφτεί! Από αιτητική στην διακόσμηση κι ευχάριστο περιβάλλον, από περιποίηση κι φιλοξενία κι ταυτόχρονα ζεστασιά στην προσωπική επαφή κι ευγένεια , από ηρεμία κι δυνατότητα για χαλάρωση , από εξοπλισμό κι οργάνωση για οτιδήποτε χρειαστεί κανείς σε ένα δωμάτιο, γενικά από …κάθε άποψή!

Συγχαρητήρια !
Λυπάμαι που φεύγω!!
Ξένια από Θεσσαλονίκη

25th of May, 2014 

Thank you, Andreas, for the chance to experience real hospitality and luxury moments in unique stylish maison! You inspired our dreams and gave us more courage to fulfill the small boutique hotel project that we run in Syros!
We hope you will also have the change to be our guest and treat you as you did to us.
Great work will definitely live success!!!
Enjoy your best summer in Chania.
Ioanna & Konstantinos

25th of May, 2014 

An amazing vacation experience"

Guest - Scot, USA

My wife and I had a wonderful vacationing experience at the La Maison Ottomane. From the moment we arrived - until the day we departed we were provided with an excellent room accommodation as well as professional and friendly guest service. It definitely meets and exceeds the 5 star level of service. The breakfast and service in the morning is really good. The rooms have the most comfortable beds and useful technology for the business traveler (in-room computer, printer, tablet, WIFI and cable TV). Plus the décor of the rooms are unique and enjoyable to see. Also, the property is perfectly located near the Venetian port and the Old Town of Chania - everything is walking distance. Andreas and Alexandra made our vacation holiday the best we have had in a long time. We will definitely be recommending people and our friends to this amazing place. Scott Morse - Greece/America

"Fabulous stay at perfect hotel"

Guests - Philippa & Nick, UK

We have recently experienced the most wonderful hospitality at the fabulous Maison Ottomane. We had not expected to stay here as we were booked in elsewhere in Chania. However, a last-minute flood in our booked hotel threatened to leave us bereft. But the Maison Ottomane stepped in to make us welcome. The attention to detail in the hotel is stunning.

Of service - one mention of what we might do the following day led to the subtle appearance of concise and helpful information and directions.

Of architecture - the sympathetic restoration of this ancient Cretan house, making it a peaceful, comfortable and delightful place to stay.

Of decor and finishing - the little items like the delicate spoons, each one of a different aspect of Eastern lands, and the rooms - comfortable with everything you would want to make your stay.

Our only problem was that we could only stay three nights.


"Perfect in every way"

Guest - Kate, London, UK

What can I say except my words how lovely it all has been – perfect in every way – and I shall be back next summer.
Thank you, Alexandra & Andreas. Xxx

"Peaceful luxury"

Guest - John, UK

La Maison Ottomaine is a small boutique type hotel in a quiet location which is nevertheless right in the centre of old Chania and a short walk from the harbour. The hotel consists of a converted period house with three double rooms or suites around a courtyard where breakfast is served.
The suite I stayed in consisted of 2 rooms, beautifully furnished and decorated. The overall theme is one of historic Constantinople with a spacious and comfortable sitting room and an equivalently sized bedroom. There is air con throughout and the attention to detail is such that you really feel a pampered but understated sense of luxury.
Breakfast is served in the Courtyard and there is a huge range available including local fresh produce, cheeses, meats etc. Again the emphasis is on quality in terms of both the content and the presentation.
The owner Andreas is a charming and welcoming host and you feel that he has put his heart and soul into the creation of this hotel. Andreas & Alexandra, the manager, were both extremely helpful and ready to help in any way when it came it to making the most of my visit to Chania.
If you are looking for a top quality, luxury B&B, close to the harbour but at the same time in a quiet location, I would certainly recommend this place.

"Simply amazing!"

Guests - Gro & Torfin, Norway

La Maison Ottomane is a brand new boutique hotel in the old town of Chania. The apartment was spaceful and very tastefully decorated in the authentic late Ottomane style, yet with all the modern facilities anyone would need. Also, the hotel is ideally located just a two minute walk from the Venetian Harbour. We were warmly welcomed by the charming, observant and always helpful Alex who fulfilled our every need. The well –prepared breakfast, the cleaning service and the free bottle of wine and fruit also added to the overall experience. We strongly recommend this hotel to everyone staying in the lovely city of Chania. We’ ll be back. 

"Excellent stay"

Guest - Arsenis, Greece

‘I had an excellent stay in the Constantinople suite. Luxury is abundant, sleep was better than home, and the company of cosmopolitan Andreas (the owner) warped the whole thing to a memorable stay’